Grind Down Stumps Before They Become a Nuisance

Book our stump grinding services in Grants Pass, OR and Josephine and Jackson Counties

Once you take out a tree, the last thing you need to deal with is the stump. Unless you have a grinder in your garage, you'll need some help with that. Zero Gravity Tree Service offers stump grinding services for customers in and around Grants Pass, OR and Josephine and Jackson Counties. We can grind your stump below the surface and backfill the hole with mulch from the tree. That way, you won't have any eyesores or tripping hazards in your yard.

Are you adding a new feature to your backyard? Ensure you have enough space by getting our affordable stump removal services. Call 541-218-5877 now to get a free quote.

Don't let your stumps become a home for pests

Another reason you should book our stump grinding services is to help keep pests away. A few pests that are most likely to infest your stumps include:






We'll be sure to grind your stump down completely. Find out more about our affordable stump removal process by reaching out to us today.