Don't Let Wildfires Threaten Your Property

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Without regular land maintenance, your vegetation can become a serious fire hazard. Luckily, you can prevent destruction with our fire fuel reduction services in Grants Pass, OR and the greater Josephine and Jackson County regions. Zero Gravity Tree Service uses brush clearing equipment to eliminate dead trees, dense weeds and overgrown plants. No job is too big or small for us to handle, so don't hesitate to reach out.

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What Can Defensible Space Clearing Do For You?

Defensible space clearing is a preventive measure that will reduce the likelihood of your home or property burning in the event of a low-severity fire. It's also intended to reduce the chance of a house fire spreading into the surrounding woods.

"Defensible space is the buffer you create between your home or business and the grass, trees, shrubs or any wildland area that surrounds it. Items to consider are plants, landscape arrangement, and outdoor furniture. This gives embers or flames fewer options to latch onto and ignite". (Source:

A property that hasn't received proper maintenance can be overgrown with years of accumulated fuel buildup. In the event of a fire, firefighters are less likely to defend homes that haven't been maintained. They will focus on properties that are well maintained because there is a much higher chance of saving them.

In addition, home insurance providers are less likely to insure homes located in the wildland-urban interface that don't have the proper defensible space and fire prevention measures in place.

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Protect your property from harm

Brush clearing can do more than reduce wildfire fuel. It can also prevent weed growth, disease from spreading and wildlife and pest infestations. If you want to safeguard your property against these varying threats, look to Zero Gravity Tree Service for help. We can remove all kinds of overgrown vegetation to ensure your peace of mind.

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